Case Study: Grant Brydon

This week we’ve tracked down MMBE student Grant Brydon, founder of Hip Hop blog HipHopFiend to give us an insight into his time with us:

I started, a hip-hop blog, when I left university two years ago having studied Contemporary Art Practices. Hip-hop music and culture have always been a passion of mine and I initially started the blog as a new creative output.

The site became increasingly successful and I began to work more on it, dealing with PRs and managers in order to secure interviews and content for my site. When dealing with these people and talking to some of my favourite artists about their music, it became clear to me that I wanted to work within this industry full time.

I have gone on to build a continuously growing readership on my site and contribute to other sites and publications such as SBTV, The Tipping Point, OkayPlayer, The Crack and AboveGround Magazine. I have also released several mixtapes by US rappers through the site and do bits of PR and consultancy work for artists and events.

Why did you sign up for MMBE?

A lot of what I knew about the music industry was just self-taught or stuff I had picked up along the way. I wanted to clarify my existing knowledge and understand all areas of the business to help me with my own role and knowing how it fits into the overall industry structure.

How have has the course benefited you?

The understanding of the industry that I have gained from the course is invaluable. Knowing how various jobs fit together surrounding an artist’s career has made it a lot easier. Also, knowing who I need to contact when I’m looking for interviews, gig tickets etc, has given me access to some exclusive content for my site and has resulted in a growth in readers. It has also opened my eyes to new revenue streams that I can access using my skills, and has helped me completely re-shape my career and it’s prospects.

Keep up to date with Grant’s work on his site here or over on twitter.

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