MMBE Student’s New Company Lands Olympic Commission

The Olympic Flame will be passing through Newcastle this evening (Friday 15th June) and one of our current MMBE students, Troy Slater, has been commissioned to create the soundtrack to the celebratory performance.

Newcastle City Council approached Troy after hearing great things about his company, Synchestra, and offered him this unique opportunity. “Last year I started going to as many Generator workshops and seminars as possible and when I heard about MMBE, I jumped at the opportunity. Mark (Hobrough) said that we would all change our ideas about what it was exactly that we wanted to do in music and that statement applied to me. The funny thing was I ended up back where I started- wanting to compose!”

Subsequently, Troy and his business partner Brian Brooks have founded Synchestra, a track library offering bespoke audio soundscape, production and composition.

“Two months after starting the company we landed our first serious commission for the Olympic Torch relay performance. I’m stoked about this job because I’m working closely with the performers who will be doing a Parkour and dance routine. I’m there at rehearsals with a laptop arranging the audio to their performance. I also met Malik Diouf, one of the creators of Parkour. It was a great honour as I love parkour and it is an exciting project to be involved with.”

The show will involve eighteen young people from Newcastle who have created a performance which will represent a journey exploring the shifts in culture of the Games – from the ‘modern’ Games in the 19th Century to the ‘contemporary’ Games – both Olympic and Paralympic, where we value Excellence and Determination as well as Equality.

The performance will be expressed through some truly spectacular movement combining Parkour, Dance and Circus-skills as well as friendliness and wit, for which Newcastle is renowned for.

The Olympic torch will travel by zip wire from the Tyne Bridge to the Gateshead side of the Quayside at 5pm where the performance will take place with an audience of 5000 expected. The event is ticketed and for those without tickets the evening celebrations will be broadcast live on huge screens which can be viewed for free from Newcastle Quayside.

Find out more about Troy and Synchestra here:

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