Yet Another Young MMBE Grad Shows Amazing Entrepreneurial Spirit

Former MMBE student Michael Hughes may be young but following his graduation he has established a thriving music business, after identifying and capitalising on a gap in the market. Image

Here he tells his story so far…

“In primary school I was told I could not achieve by peers and teachers, but I saw this as a challenge and set out to achieve the best I could. I started thinking about business when I was 16 and in secondary school. I love music and all my friends were musicians and private tutors so I built the business around them. I quickly realised that the North-East was missing a music tuition business but had hundreds of music tutors that may not be safe, qualified or right for the customer.

Music Tutor Direct is a pioneering music tuition business in the North-East. We provide Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Percussion lessons to all ages and I have a team of tutors who specialise in different areas of music who can provide the best one to one tuition available. I recruit diverse tutors who are passionate, determined, professional and qualified so when a new customer contacts me I am confident that we can meet specific requirements.

The MMBE course was a great way for me to learn what it takes to run a successful music business.

It was incredibly helpful, it helped me understand opportunities in music where I could potentially take my business and gave me the confidence to take the last step in the start-up phase and just go for it.

I have set up my own business at the age of 19 which is innovative, affordable and solves industry problems for both the Tutor and the Pupil. We are growing in the recession and now my goal is to turn Music Tutor Direct into a house hold brand. Some people may say that I will not be able to achieve this but I know I can.”

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