MMBE Student Grant is a Fiend for Digital Marketing

Regular readers of the MMBE blog, may remember Grant Brydon who passed the first MMBE course at Gateshead College. In our previous catch up, he talked about the benefits of the course and how it had “opened his eyes”. We were pleased to hear that Grant has gone to put his new-found knowledge into practice and has launched a new digital marketing company, Fiend Digital.


Here he talks about his new venture…

“Fiend Digital is a digital communications and online public relations company for musicians, labels and managers. We focus on building up artists fan-bases by implementing bespoke strategies formed on a case-to-case basis.

We believe that in today’s ever competitive marketplace it is becoming increasingly important for artists to build their own brand and fan base to back up their talent before approaching labels, publishers or other external platforms for release, and run an affordable range of services to assist artists in doing so.

Our services include:

Strategy: Helping to timeline and plan a marketing campaign, whether this be specifically targeted to the release of a single/mixtape/album or just ongoing fan base building.

Online PR: Writing press releases and compiling press packs for content and then delivering to blogs and websites. Mailing lists for releases are compiled specific to the artist and their work, based on which sites their target audience will identify and where they are most likely to receive positive results.

Social Media Services: Assistance in the running of social media accounts for artists, advising in how best to utilize and grow these vital online avenues. This can include anything from social media strategy to looking after accounts and updating on the artists behalf, depending on the preference of the client.

Digital Content Creation: Helping to identify suitable content to assist an artists campaign that will interest their target audience and help to keep fans engaged both on the run up to, and between, releases.

We are currently operating with a very varied roster of artists nationwide including Trafik, Barzin, Verbal Contact, This Ground Moves as well as clients such as Triptik Records and Bad Taste Cru, and we also act as management for Distinction.”

Grant has a background in urban music journalism, and has been running his own internationally respected hip-hop blog,, for the past few years, as well as contributing weekly columns to SB.TV (‘Mixtape Mondays’ and ‘Ones To Watch’) covering a wider variety of genres, and industry tastemaker blog ‘The Tipping Point’ run by Generator.

For more information please head to / or contact

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